washing machine overflowing with Greywater


Greywater, or also known as sullage is the water that develops as a product of washing clothes, showering, washing dishes or running the dishwasher. Typically a malfunction of an appliance or leaking pipe will result in a flood of greywater. This sullage is also referred to as Category 2 Water. Other types of greywater could be the result of a sump pump failure or even a broken aquarium.

White Water

Water from a broken water pipe or an overflowing sink is generally considered white water or Category 1 Water.

Dangers of Flood Damage

While any type of flooding or standing water can quickly become a dangerous situation, it is extremely important to know which type of water you are dealing with. Greywater contains detergents, grease and microorganisms that could be harmful if ingested. Category 2 Water is NOT potable, or safe for drinking or food preparation. People with compromised immune systems, allergies or asthma should not come into contact with a flooded Greywater. Always consider any flooded area as dangerous and keep children and pets away. Should you decide to try and clean up the water yourself, be sure to use non porous gloves, a mask, protective clothing and shoe covers to keep harmful biohazards away from your skin or ingestion of particles.

Extremely Urgent to Clean Up Flood Damage Quickly

Greywater can turn into Blackwater in 48 hours! This is why it is always urgent to clean up flood damage as quickly as possible to prevent health and safety issues. ServiceMaster by Williams is poised to offer immediate response 24/7/365 to prevent harmful flood damage. The proper equipment and training allows us to ensure the least amount of damage occurs from any water intrusion.
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Always Best to Hire a Professional!

ServiceMaster by Williams has over 30 years of experience in disaster restoration and will get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible.

What to do if you have a Flood or Water Damage