Flooded Basement

 Flooded Basement

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What to do if you have a Flooded Basement

Whether it is due to a major storm, a water heater leak, or ruptured pipes, a flooded basement can be a major headache! ServiceMaster by Williams has been providing immediate response and exceptional customer service for water damage caused by a flooded basement in Worcester and Franklin Counties of Massachusetts since 1988. We are the true water damage  professionals with the latest technology, professionally trained technicians, and proven restoration experience.

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Safety Matters When Dealing with a Flooded Basement

Electrical Dangers from a Flooded basement

If your fuse box hasn’t been affected, shut down the power.  You might need to use something like a mop handle to switch-off the electricity. Do not make contact with the water while shutting down the power.

Bio Hazards from a Flooded Basement

Along with the water in your basement, there is also now floating dirt, bacteria and nasty germs that have mixed with the untreated water. Mildew and molds also like to make dark places their homes. You don’t want to inhale any mildew or mold spores.

Proper Water Removal Techniques

Very deep water can create pressure on your basement walls. Draining the water too quickly could cause your basement walls to crack or even cave in. It is always best to hire an experienced and professionally trained water removal expert to remove the water as quickly as possible, with out causing further damage to your home or basement.

Clear the Flooded Area

Once the flooded area is made safe, move the objects that are in the way like boxes, furniture and rugs. Water damaged items should be removed from the area for proper drying.

 Call ServiceMaster by Williams before you simply decide to tear out the carpet. We may be able to save you the cost of a whole new floor covering job.

 Now that everything has been removed and moved to a drier area, it’s now time to act with deliberate speed. You don’t want bacteria to grow, mold to sprout, and mildew to foul the air in your basement.

  • If you have windows, open them to allow continuous airflow.
  • Gather every fan you’ve got and move them downstairs.
  • CALL SERVICEMASTER BY WILLIAMS, the water removal and water damage experts for a flooded basement.

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http://servicemasterrestorebywilliams.com/water-damage-restoration-worcester-ma/flooded-basement-worcester/ Flooded Basement Worcester MA "What to do if your basement or home becomes flooded." Before you enter a flooded basement : First make sure that the water is not contaminated from sewerage. DO NOT ENTER THE AREA IF YOU SUSPECT CONTAMINATION! There could be serious health risks. ELECTROCUTION IS A SERIOUS THREAT! Make sure you shut down the power source BEFORE you enter a flooded basement or room. If you decide to enter the flooded area, make sure you wear rubber boots and gloves to minimize skin contact Do not smoke, eat or touch your face while in a flooded area Do not allow children or pets near the flooded area If you receive any type of open wound while in a flooded area, seek medical attention immediately! IF THERE IS ANY TYPE OF GAS ODOR PRESENT, DO NOT TOUCH ELECTRICAL FIXTURES, TELEPHONES OR SWITCHES AS ANY SPARK COULD IGNITES THE GAS If a gas leak is suspected, leave immediately! Leave doors and windows open to ventilate and call the fire department and gas company If the furnace of other appliances became wet, it is important to have a qualified technician inspect them before you using them WHILE YOU MAY BE TEMPTED TO ATTEMPT TO DRAIN THE AREA YOURSELF, THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOLD LEAVE IT TO PROFESSIONALS Besides the threat of contamination and electrocution, draining the area too quickly can damage your foundation. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE TO PREVENT EXTENSIVE WATER DAMAGE AND MOLD... BRING IN THE PROFESSIONALS! ServiceMaster by Williams has been providing emergency water removal and water damage services in Worcester and Franklin Massachusetts Counties for over 25 years. Our immediate response time and use of proper equipment will minimize water damage and risk of mold. Call 1-877-721-7469 for immediate Service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ServiceMaster by Williams. A name you can trust, with the personal care and attention you expect from a locally owned company. ServiceMaster by Williams has been serving Worcester and Franklin Ma Counties for over 30 years. ServiceMaster offers a name you can trust with the personal care and attention you expect from a locally owned business. Don't trust your home or business to just anyone. Call the water damage experts at ServiceMaster by Williams. Call #1-877-721-7469 Massachusetts Counties Served: Worcester County Franklin County   MA Cities and Towns  Served: Athol Baldwinville Barre Beaver Brook Bloomingdale Brittan Square Brookfield Burncoat Chadwick Square Chandler Hill Clinton College Hill Columbus Park Cordaville Devens East Brookfield East Douglas East Gardner Fiskdale Fitchburg Gardner Great Brook Valley Greendale Hamilton Hopedale Jamesville Lakeview  Ludlow  Lunenburg  Milford  North Brookfield North Leominster North Worcester Northborough Oxford Petersham Quinsigamond Village Rice Square Rutland Salisbury Heights South Ashburnham South Fitchburg South Gardner South Lancaster South Worcester  Southbridge  Worcester