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Desiccant Drying Trailers for Water Damage

in Worcester and Franklin Counties MA

Desiccant drying trailers and desiccant and dehumidification trailers are used for water damage restoration and remediation, document drying, mold and fungus prevention, industrial surface preparation for coating. When flooding occurs in your home or business, humidity control is crucial! Response time and expertise is achieving the proper level of drying and dehumidification is an absolute must to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Whether the water damage occurs due to flooding, storm damage, or ruptured pipes, proper drying is essential.

ServiceMaster by Wiiliams has the latest technology in  water removal, drying, and dehumidification equipment to properly restore your building quickly and professionally. Desiccant drying trailers play an important role in the restoration process.

What do desiccant drying trailers do?


  • Very dry air can be achieved using this state of the art drying technology.
  • Much lower humidity levels can be achieved with desiccant dehumidifiers compared to conventional dehumidifiers.
  • Proper drying and dehumidification greatly reduces changes of secondary mold damage and further property damage.


ServiceMaster by Williams offers the best technology in dehumidification and drying in Worcester and Franklin Ma Counties of Massachusetts.

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