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ServiceMaster Restore 365 on an iPhone

Training and 365 Restore Technology- The ServiceMaster Difference!

ServiceMaster by Williams is proud to offer Restore 365- ServiceMaster’s latest technology. This new app allows our clients, insurance companies and technicians access to real-time updates for mitigation projects.
With Restore 365 ServiceMaster by Williams can:

  • Accept and manage claims in real-time, in a fully mobile environment.
  • Integrate with estimating and accounting software.
  • Access data anywhere, anytime in a cloud-based environment, providing greater transparency to insurance partners.
  • Provide better information to policyholders as a claim proceeds.
  • Manage capacity and improve response times in major weather and catastrophic events.

With this new ServiceMaster Restore technology we can offer our customers and insurance companies a smoother and quicker restoration process reducing time, communication and costs.

When it’s time for Restoration services, Water Mitigation, Content Inventory & Packout, and more…trust ServiceMaster by Williams.