Melting Ice Dams and Snow Wreak Havoc in Massachusetts

Water Damage from ice dams and snow melt in Massachusetts is at an all time high this year. Record breaking snowfall and extremely cold temperatures have wreaked havoc for many homeowners and business owners here in Worcester and Franklin Counties. While some of the tips below may not be possible just yet, due to excessive amounts of snow blocking access to your home or building, it is best to have a plan in place BEFORE melting begins.

Tips from the Pros at ServiceMaster by Williams

  • Properly remove ice dams and snow on roof
  • Once access to gutters is possible, make sure they are clear to allow for proper drainage
  • Move snow away from walls and foundation
  • Check sump pump
  • Once you gain access to foundation, check for cracks
  • Check attic, ceilings, walls- even in closets for signs of water damage.
  • Don’t wait to call the professionals!
water damaged wall from ice dams MA

Water Damage to Wall from Ice Dams


Signs of Water Damage

  • Rust colored stains on ceilings
  • Peeling or bubbling paint on walls
  • Wet carpeting appears darker- even if you can’t feel that it is wet


Don’t wait to Call the Professionals!

Mold can start to form in 72 hours after any type of water intrusion. Peeling paint and stained ceilings means that there is water behind your walls and in the ceiling structure. It is very important to eliminate the moisture properly in order to prevent mold and secondary water damage to structures.

Call 1-877-721-7470 for immediate response 24/7/365!


Choosing the RIGHT Water Damage Specialist

Water damage and mold are specialized fields that should be left to technicians with the proper equipment and training. Proper drying is imperative to prevent further damage and requires professional water removal and drying equipment.ServiceMaster has been a name you can trust for water removal, restoration and insurance mitigation for over 50 years. ServiceMaster by Williams has served Worcester and Franklin County for over 30 years and is proud to be the only MIIA approved water damage and fire damage restoration specialist in Worcester & Franklin Counties. We have an NPS® Approval Rating of 100%.

Video: ServiceMaster Restore Expert Shares Tips on Snowmelt

ServiceMaster expert, Mike Soukup, speaks to NBC in Minnesota to share tips on how to deal with water damage from snowmelt.