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Diaster Pre Loss Planning in Worcester and Franklin Counties of Massachusetts

Disasters such as water damage or a fire can be devastating to your business. When they do occur there are potentially enormous risks to people, structures, and important documents and contents. With Pre Loss Planning, many of the losses that can affect employees, your physical structure, and important contents can be avoided. Formulating a disaster plan and implementing preventative actions may mitigate the destructive effects of a catastrophe.


The Goals of a Pre Loss Disaster Plan

The goals of formulating a disaster prevention plan are;

  • Ensure employee safety before, during and after a disastrous event
  • Minimize Interruptions to business operations
  • Limit the severity of the disruption
  • Establish an alternative means of operation
  • Resume critical operations within a specified time
  • Expedite the restoration of services
  • Assure customers that their interests are protected
  • Maintain a positive image of the organization
  • Minimize financial loss
  • Train personnel and familiarize them with emergency operations
  • Establish awareness


Planning for the worst is the best for your business.


Pre-Loss Disaster Recovery Planning is a FREE Service Provided by ServiceMaster by Williams


ServiceMaster by Williams as a Trusted Expert in Pre Loss Planning

As experts in disaster restoration for over 30 years in Worcester and Franklin Counties of Massachusetts, we have seen what a fire or water damage can do to your business. From frozen pipes or sprinkler malfunctions, to a horrific fire, we are trained to deal with any type of emergency. Knowing what can happen puts us in a unique position to help prevent major loss when the unexpected does happen.


Using a Restoration Service for Emergency Disaster Planning

Choosing a disaster restoration specialist proactively, rather than reactively provides you with a unique opportunity to select a vendor that you feel comfortable with and will work with you to formulate an emergency plan that you and your insurance company are comfortable with. In the aftermath of a disaster, you are faced with many decisions and a delay in those decisions can have a disastrous effect. As with all industries, different vendors have varying capabilities and resources. When planning for an emergency, it is important to chose a company that can provide services for both a small scale and large scale type of disaster. ServiceMaster by Williams has the proper equipment and trained technicians to handle any type of fire or water damage emergency.The ServiceMaster Brand ensures that your property is brought back to pre loss condition as quickly as possible utilizing the latest and best techniques and equipment.

Steps to take to formulate a Pre Loss Plan

1. Obtain executive support
2. Review Insurance Policy
3. Regulating Authorities
4. Capital Asset Inventory
5. Vital Records
6. Business Impact Analysis
7. Hazard Analysis


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