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In addition to destroying your home or commercial building, mold is a serious situation and can create a number of health risks for people living or working in a moldy environment. Often growing in locations where you can’t see, mold is commonly found behind wallpaper and drywall and in the deep, moist corners of your structure. It’s important to not only remove mold, but to also determine the source and prevent future mold growths.

Whether you are experiencing moisture as a result of a flood, leak, broken pipe, or just high humidity, mold can grow in as little as 48 hours when excessive moisture is present indoors. Mold spreads quickly and often produces an unpleasant, musty odor. If allowed to grow, mold can cause structural damage and discoloration to the interior of a building. To prevent mold from spreading, it’s important to react quickly to any signs of mold, and inspect for any signs of water damage.

Our certified experts can provide mold detection, testing and remediation for your home or business. We have the equipment and experience to thoroughly remove mold from affected areas of your property. Trust ServiceMaster by Williams to clear your home or office in Worcester, Leominster and Greenfield, MA, of mold and to provide you with a mold-free environment.

5 Tips to Prevent Mold in Worcester

Are you concerned that mold may exist in your Worcester home or business? If you have ever suffered water damage you are wise to consider the possibility. And if there indeed is mold that you can’t see, remediation and removal is essential to ensure proper health for your Worcester family, friends, and employees.

Given the amount of snow and, therefore, water that Worcester as well as Leominster and Greenfield experience during the winter in Massachusetts, mold spores do have the chance to settle, grow, and spread within your property. ServiceMaster by Williams has complied 5 tips to help you prevent mold damage in hopes that you won’t require serious mold remediation or mold removal services. However, if you do experience storm damage or fire and smoke damage be sure to call on us immediately for disaster restoration services to ensure health and safety within your home or business.

Weather-Seal Your Home or Business

Make sure door and window seals are secured. Over time they can rip or tear off, allowing moisture and water to seep in. Rely on a Worcester specialty cleaning service like ours to defend your property against harsh weather elements.

Keep An Eye On Plumbing

Leaking pipes are a main cause of water damage and mold growth so, once a year, have a professional plumber inspect your pipes and test their pressure.

Put Your Fans to Work

Fans above the kitchen stove and in the bathroom are there for a reason –for water or moisture removal from kitchen cabinets and bathroom walls. These areas are definitely prone to moisture buildup so take advantage of your fans while you cook or shower.

Use Dehumidifiers

To help moisture build-up and water damage use dehumidifiers. If there is minimal moisture in the air you’ll have less chance of mold spores growing in damp areas and prevent mold growth in your property.

Don’t Forget About Low-Traffic Areas

Mold remediation and water removal are most often associated with kitchen and bathroom spaces but also be sure to inspect low-traffic areas like your attic, crawlspaces, and the basement for signs of mold growth. Mold remediation and mold removal cases in Worcester often happen because mold loves the dark, damp areas that are ignored much of the time.

Preventing Mold in the Kitchen- From ServiceMaster Restore

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