Frozen Pipes Worcester 

Frozen pipes are a definite threat right now with the plummeting temperatures we are facing in the Worcester, MA area. “Old Man Winter” has hit us hard, and you need to take immediate action when the temperatures are this low to ensure your don’t get frozen or ruptured pipes. Although it is referred to as “frozen pipes,” it is actually the water inside that will freeze. When water freezes it expands. The ice that forms acts as a plug and blocks the pipe. This causes pressure to build up between the frozen section and the closed faucets. It is this build up of pressure, not the freezing itself, that may cause the pipes to eventually burst. As anyone who has experienced ruptured pipes can attest, the results can be devastating and cause extensive damage- especially when water is not removed properly and structures are not professionally dried out.


If you have Frozen Pipes you need to take Immediate Action to Prevent Further Water Damage to Your Home!

ServiceMaster by Williams offers an immediate response 24/7/365 in Worcester and Franklin Counties of Massachusetts. This includes Worcester, Fitchburg, Leominster, Gardner and Greenfield areas.

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Steps to take to Prevent Frozen Pipes

In many cases frozen and burst pipes can be prevented, with a few simple steps you can take before temperatures plummet.


Safeguard pipes against freezing by protecting them from cold, windy conditions, ideally before winter begins. Start with insulation. Insulate large areas that pipes pass through, such as crawl spaces. Insulation sleeves to cover the pipes are a very effective localized solution, but should not be used for any pipe that runs adjacent to an uninsulated exterior wall — they will block indoor heating as well as the cold outside air.

Apply temporary seals to your foundation vents and air inlets. Seal any cracks and holes with caulk.


Never leave a garden hose connected to your outdoor faucet in cold temperatures. Disconnect the water supply to your swimming pool and other outdoor pipes and then turn on the faucets to drain water. (Be sure to turn them off when the process is finished.) Cover any outdoor spigots and winterize your sprinkler system.


Keeping pipes warm minimizes the likelihood of a freeze. Maintain a home temperature of at least 65 degrees F, even if no one is home. When you are planning to be away for an extended period, consider draining your water system in case of a cold snap.

Plumbing pipes on an uninsulated exterior wall can be warmed by opening the bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinets in the room. This will direct heat from your bathroom or kitchen toward the pipes.

Keep your garage doors closed when not in use to minimize cold air flow. This is especially important when the water supply lines are located in the garage.


Let a small amount of water drip continually from the tap. You will relieve pressure buildup, and therefore, a potential burst if the pipes become frozen. The hot and cold water lines should both be left open slightly. To avoid wastage, you may want to collect the clean water from either method and use it to fill your coffee maker or water houseplants.

If you do Experience Ruptured Pipes, Watch this Video to Learn What to do Next



Call ServiceMaster by Williams 24/7/365 for an Immediate Response for frozen pipes in Worcester, Fitchburg, Leominster, Gardner and Greenfield.

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