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Smoke Odor Removal After a Fire

Worcester & Franklin County MA

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Removing smoke odor resulting from a fire can be challenging. Smoke is comprised of solid particles (soot) as well as oils and gases. Its odor comes from molecules that are released when materials are burned and will often linger well after the visible smoke is gone.

Removing the Source of Smoke Odor

The first and most important step in smoke odor removal is to remove the source of the odor(s). This This can involve physically removing burnt items such as cabinets, furniture, drywall, non-salvageable contents, etc., and includes cleaning remaining items and materials with appropriate cleaning and restoration products. After this has been completed you need a professional smoke odor removal technician to remove any remaining odors.

Cleaning Air Ducts after a fire

Cleaning the duct system in a home is an important first step in the fire remediation/restoration process. Smoke, soot and odors from a fire linger within the duct system and any dust or other particles inside of that system. It is important to do this early in the fire restoration process to avoid having the HVAC system re-contaminating areas that have been cleaned.

Removing Airborne Odor after a fire

Since smoke particles remain airborne, removing smoke odor from the air is extremely important in the fire restoration process. There are specialized and proven techniques to accomplish this.