What is Greywater

Greywater, or also known as sullage is the water that develops as a product of washing clothes, showering, washing dishes or running the dishwasher. Typically a malfunction of an appliance or leaking pipe will result in a flood of greywater. This sullage is also referred to as Category 2 Water. Other types of greywater could be the result of a sump pump failure or even a broken aquarium.
White Water
Water from a broken water pipe or an overflowing sink is generally considered white water or Category 1 Water.
Dangers of Flood Damage
While any type of flooding or standing water can quickly become a dangerous situation, it is extremely important to know which type of water you are dealing with. Greywater contains detergents, grease and microorganisms that could be harmful if ingested. Category 2 Water is NOT potable, or safe for drinking or food preparation. People with compromised immune systems, allergies or asthma should not come into contact with a flooded Greywater. Always consider any flooded area as dangerous and keep children and pets away. Should you decide to try and clean up the water yourself, be sure to use non porous gloves, a mask, protective clothing and shoe covers to keep harmful biohazards away from your skin or ingestion of particles.
Extremely Urgent to Clean Up Flood Damage Quickly
Greywater can turn into Blackwater in 48 hours! This is why it is always urgent to clean up flood damage as quickly as possible to prevent health and safety issues. ServiceMaster by Williams is poised to offer immediate response 24/7/365 to prevent harmful flood damage. The proper equipment and training allows us to ensure the least amount of damage occurs from any water intrusion.

Always Best to Hire a Professional!
ServiceMaster by […]

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ServiceMaster “Heros”

The trained professionals at ServiceMaster are here to respond to your water or fire emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you face any type of disaster in your home or business, you need dependable, trusted services that come with the ServiceMaster Brand.

Call ServiceMaster by Williams 1-877-721-7470 24/7/365 for an Immediate Response

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How to Handle Water Damage & Clean Up

ServiceMaster Featured for “How to Handle Water Damage and Clean Up” on Designing Spaces
Knowing how to handle water damage can make the difference between a fully restored outcome and the risk of secondary damage. ServiceMaster, the trusted choice for disaster restoration for over 50 years was recently featured on the television show Designing Spaces.
The above video was filmed at the Service Master training facility in Memphis, Tennessee. Host Debi Marie gets tips from ServiceMaster pros on how to the lower risk of potential home floods and what to do before help arrives if there should be flooding or any type of water emergency.

Why ServiceMaster is the Trusted Choice for Water Damage Emergencies
All Service Master technicians are properly trained to handle any type of water or fire emergency. Our experts have all the necessary equipment to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.For over 50 years, the ServiceMaster Brand has been the preferred company to turn to for disaster restoration for both residential homes and commercial buildings.

ServiceMaster by Williams is the Best Choice for Water Damage in Worcester and Franklin Counties of Massachusetts
With ServiceMaster by Williams, you get a trusted brand with the personal care and attention you expect from a locally owned company. We have served both Worcester and Franklin Counties of Massachusetts for over 30 years, and offer the proper equipment and techniques to handle any type of water or fire emergency.

Call 1-877-721-7470 for 24/7/365 help for water damage and clean up though out Worcester and Franklin Counties MA

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Preventing Water Damage from Spring Thaw, Snow Melt and Flooding

As Massachusetts begins to thaw out after a record breaking cold and snowy winter, the risk of water damage from melting snow, heavy spring rains and potential flooding is high this year. While we welcome any sign of spring, these added risks are often ignored once the risk of frozen pipes and ice dam damage has passed. There are some steps a homeowner or business owner should take to avoid devastating losses from flood and water damage.

First, review your insurance coverage:
In particular, read the details of your homeowner’s insurance coverage as it pertains to water damage and flooding. Unless you carry flood insurance, any damage to your home caused by spring-thaw flooding is generally not covered. Some policies may not cover sewer back up unless you pay for this added coverage.

Prevent or reduce severity of water damage from spring thaw, snow melt and flooding
While it is impossible to prevent water damage under every circumstance, you can prepare your home or building as spring-thaw months approach to prevent the most common causes of damage.

Basement pumps. Install a sump pump or a sewer back flow value. You should also have a battery-operated backup in case of power failure. Consider installing a water alarm that warns when water is accumulating in your basement. If sump pumps are already installed- check to be sure it is functioning properly before heavy rains or major melting occurs.

Basement storage. Remove valuable items and electronics from your basement prior to spring-thaw.

Debris removal. Remove debris from window wells, gutters and downspouts.

Doors and windows. Check for any leaks around doors and windows.

Exterior walls. Keep all exterior walls of your home well painted and sealed.

Flood drains. If you have flood drains, make sure they are […]

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Preventing Spring Water Damage from Ice Dams and Snow Melt

Melting Ice Dams and Snow Wreak Havoc in Massachusetts
Water Damage from ice dams and snow melt in Massachusetts is at an all time high this year. Record breaking snowfall and extremely cold temperatures have wreaked havoc for many homeowners and business owners here in Worcester and Franklin Counties. While some of the tips below may not be possible just yet, due to excessive amounts of snow blocking access to your home or building, it is best to have a plan in place BEFORE melting begins.
Tips from the Pros at ServiceMaster by Williams

Properly remove ice dams and snow on roof
Once access to gutters is possible, make sure they are clear to allow for proper drainage
Move snow away from walls and foundation
Check sump pump
Once you gain access to foundation, check for cracks
Check attic, ceilings, walls- even in closets for signs of water damage.
Don’t wait to call the professionals!

Signs of Water Damage

Rust colored stains on ceilings
Peeling or bubbling paint on walls
Wet carpeting appears darker- even if you can’t feel that it is wet

Don’t wait to Call the Professionals!
Mold can start to form in 72 hours after any type of water intrusion. Peeling paint and stained ceilings means that there is water behind your walls and in the ceiling structure. It is very important to eliminate the moisture properly in order to prevent mold and secondary water damage to structures.
Call 1-877-721-7470 for immediate response 24/7/365!
Choosing the RIGHT Water Damage Specialist
Water damage and mold are specialized fields that should be left to technicians with the proper equipment and training. Proper drying is imperative to prevent further damage and requires professional water removal and drying equipment.ServiceMaster has been a name you can trust for water removal, restoration and insurance mitigation for […]

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ServiceMaster by Williams named as MIIA Approved Disaster Restoration Specialist



ServiceMaster by Williams was recently awarded the honor of being the only MIIA approved water damage and fire damage restoration company in Worcester County and Franklin Counties of Massachusetts. MIIA  is the non-profit insurance branch of the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA). They insure over 400 cities, towns, and other public entities in Massachusetts. “MIIA’s mission is to provide superior insurance products and risk management solutions at competitive rates to it’s members.” They insure buildings such as schools and municipal buildings. The vetting process consisted of intense scrutiny of reputation and past claims for water and fire damage.

ServiceMaster by Williams has been a disaster restoration specialist in both Worcester and Franklin Counties of Massachusetts for over 30 years. With the proper equipment and professionally trained technicians to handle any size building or disaster, they have been successfully getting both homeowners, municipality buildings, industrial buildings and other commercial properties back to pre disaster condition, quickly and with the least amount of disruption and secondary damage.

Robert Williams, President of ServiceMaster by Williams, states; “We are very proud of this honor. We have worked tirelessly to provide the best possible service and outcomes for any type of project. Not all restoration companies can handle the size of some of these buildings. It takes a certain level of equipment and training when dealing with a school or industrial sized building.”

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Frozen Pipes- How to Avoid this Winter in Worcester

Frozen pipes are a definite threat right now with the plummeting temperatures we are facing in the Worcester, MA area. “Old Man Winter” has hit us hard, and you need to take immediate action when the temperatures are this low to ensure your don’t get frozen or ruptured pipes. Although it is referred to as “frozen pipes,” it is actually the water inside that will freeze. When water freezes it expands. The ice that forms acts as a plug and blocks the pipe. This causes pressure to build up between the frozen section and the closed faucets. It is this build up of pressure, not the freezing itself, that may cause the pipes to eventually burst. As anyone who has experienced ruptured pipes can attest, the results can be devastating and cause extensive damage- especially when water is not removed properly and structures are not professionally dried out.
If you have Frozen Pipes you need to take Immediate Action to Prevent Further Water Damage to Your Home!
ServiceMaster by Williams offers an immediate response 24/7/365 in Worcester and Franklin Counties of Massachusetts. This includes Worcester, Fitchburg, Leominster, Gardner and Greenfield areas.

Steps to take to Prevent Frozen Pipes
In many cases frozen and burst pipes can be prevented, with a few simple steps you can take before temperatures plummet.


Safeguard pipes against freezing by protecting them from cold, windy conditions, ideally before winter begins. Start with insulation. Insulate large areas that pipes pass through, such as crawl spaces. Insulation sleeves to cover the pipes are a very effective localized solution, but should not be used for any pipe that runs adjacent to an uninsulated exterior wall — they will block indoor heating as well as the cold outside […]

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The REAL Threat of Water Damage

The REAL threat of water damage…
It’s what you don’t see!
When flooding occurs from leaking pipes, overflow, or leaking appliances, you may think that removing the water quickly will prevent water damage to your home. While it is a priority to remove the water immediately, the real threat from water damage is what you DON’T SEE!

Water or moisture above the ceiling, behind walls, and under carpeting and flooring is the true danger to your home or business.

Proper drying and monitoring equipment is essential in the process of restoration. Improper drying after water damage can lead to mold, and loss of structural integrity. Insects and rodents also love dark damp places! If you improperly deal with a water intrusion and try to sell your home years down the road, a qualified home inspector will find it.

Let a water damage expert safely remove the water and properly dry out the structures of your home affected by water and moisture.
Why you shouldn’t try to deal with water damage yourself…

Dehumidification after water damage is an essential step in restoring your home or business after any type of flooding. ServiceMaster by Williams uses advanced drying and dehumidification techniques to remove all water and moisture from drywall, plaster, interior paint, floors, carpets, insulation, and basements. Drying time is reduced due to our state-of-the-art-drying equipment and proven techniques. ServiceMaster is a name you can trust to have the proper equipment, training and experience for any type of water emergency.

Call 24 hours a day, seven days a week…

ServiceMaster by Williams, a name you can trust, with the personal care and attention you expect from a local company.

Call ServiceMaster by Williams for an immediate response for water damage, fire damage and flooding.

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ServiceMaster by Williams is proud to announce our service area now includes Hampshire County Massachusetts. Click Here to see our updated service area